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About us

Becky and Lara

The idea behind Citizen Vintage is to provide a sustainable alternative to fast fashion brands by recycling and upcycling vintage pieces and materials. Our love for vintage clothing extends beyond aesthetics - being stylish and creating beautiful outfits doesn't have to be environmentally harmful.

Hey there, it's Becky and Lara, proud owners and women entrepreneurs. We've been deeply involved in vintage and thrifting since childhood, thanks to our moms. Their passion for collecting fantastic pieces in the 60s and 70s has been passed down to us, shaping our love for clothing and fashion. Thanks, Mom!

It's more than just vintage...

Inspired by our favorite vintage pieces, we launched our own in-house label, Studio Citizen, back in 2014. Crafted ethically using dead-stock fabric, our Studio Citizen pieces are produced in small batches within a cozy studio nestled in the Mile-Ex neighborhood of Montreal.

We firmly believe in limiting the production of new materials and utilizing what already exists. Sourcing dead-stock and vintage fabric is integral to our mission. Although it's rare to find more than one roll of old fabric, which can sometimes be limiting, it encourages small-batch production and contributes to waste reduction.

Credits Réalisation : Antoine Quesnel

Image : Laurent Angers - Roy

Son : Christophe Brisson

Intervenantes : Amélie Bryson , Becky Emlaw, Lara Kaluza

Deadstock © Cégep de Saint-Laurent Département Cinéma et communication