Petite Exposition de Mariage - participating businesses part 1

Your wedding day is a very special and unique day, whether you’ve always dreamed about it or not, when the day comes, everyone wants it to be perfect, regardless of what “perfect” means to you.

Planning your wedding shouldn't mean losing your mind; it can be simple, budget friendly AND magnificent.

We are throwing an event to prove it to you!

February 25th, we’ll be bringing together local and budget friendly businesses to help you plan the big and little details for your special day. We will be presenting to you our vendors in three parts: Beauty, Design and Menu.

Stay tuned so you don't miss a thing!




For your hair:                                                                                     Samantha Diamond

Samantha uses her magical fingers to cut and style hair at Salon Sweet Williams, which she co-owns in the MileEnd. Samantha can transform you from your day to day hair style into the elegant bride you always imagined you'd be. 



For your make up:                                                                        Orphee Cosmetiques

Agnes Gromotowicz is a make up artist who created her own cosmetics line, Orphee Cosmetiques, to offer natural and handmade products such as lip balms, face masks, blushes, eyeliners and more!



Patrizia Mancini

Patrizia is an incredible make-up artist specializing in fashion editorials. We loved working with her on our bridal editorial this past year and she is now available for private make-up consultations for brides and wedding parties! Patrizia is also a nail art expert! 




For your jewelry:                                                                         

Eugenie Bee

Designer Clotilde Laporte makes unique jewelry inspired by vintage styles, each pieces is hand casted pearls, gems and other treasures. Eugenie Bee delicate and incredibly feminine jewelry is the perfect accessory to make your wedding outfit extra special.



For your dress alterations:                                                                     Mile End Alternations

Forget Cinderella’s little bird helpers; Eugenia is on a mission to save your vintage clothes, your wedding gowns and your costumes. All the magic happens in her Mile End studio!



For your gown:                                                                             Citizen Vintage (Us!)

What is more romantic than to give a second breath, a second life to a piece that has been witness to other wonderful moments? We picked each wedding gown with love, in the name of love. Now it’s your turn to fall for them!


Our Petite Exposition de Mariage will be held at Citizen Vintage on February 25th from 6pm to 9pm. Check out the Facebook event for more info and check back on our blog on friday to discover the participating businesses that could help you design the perfect wedding!

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