Petite Exposition De Mariage - Participating Businesses Part 3



For your beverages:                                                        

Cidrerie Michel Jodoin

What is more Montrealais than to serve Quebec apple cider at your wedding? Cidrerie Michel Jodoin distill their passion and offer many varieties of cider, including; sparkling, rose, iced and crackling. 


For your meal:                                                                                                    


Maïs restaurant offers private room and catering services for your rehearsal dinner, bachelor(ette) party or the big day itself. Their delicious Mexican inspired menu is mainly gluten-free and offers many vegetarian options so no need to worry about your guests with dietary restrictions. We absolutely love the fact that they use mostly organic and local ingredients!


For your dessert:                                                                            

Bayard Gâteaux

Bayard Gâteaux offers beautiful, homemade desserts! These little treasures are covered with swiss meringue butter cream and can be adorned with Ferrero rochers, mini doughnuts, fruit and edible flowers. Is your mouth watering yet?

Cocoa Locale

Cocoa Locale like to keep it old school; no website, no Facebook or Instagram account! This bakery is well known for its delicious home made desserts including cookies and cakes, all hand made by Reema, the one and only owner, baker and employee! Everyone agrees that her bakes are simply decadent and some even says they are the best in town.  


Kingsley Desserts

Kingsley Desserts is a dairy-free, handcrafted ice cream company based in the Mile End. Their mission is to provide great tasting products for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan, but crave the sweet taste of tradition ice creams made with alternative natural ingredients. 


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