How to care for your Citizen Handmade pieces


So you have one of our Handmade pieces

Let us educate you on how to care for them…

Whether you have recently purchased one of our Handmade pieces, or a piece from a couple years back, it is important to know how to properly care for a handmade garment.

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Some of our first Handmade pieces were the navy, black, white, and flax linen tops, palazzos and jumpsuits. If you can hand-wash out the stain that’s great! If you’ve worn you’re piece so much and you think she needs a refresh…

Linen tends to shrink in hot water, so definitely stick to cold water for washing - especially if it’s a bright colour.

  • Put on a COLD wash cycle, gentle if possible!

  • Use a mild detergent, avoid bleach and fabric softener.

  • To ensure your piece doesn’t shrink, we recommend laying them out to dry. However, sometimes throwing it in the dryer on a low cycle gives the fabric a nice soft feeling to it.


Mesh fabric is pretty comparable to most fabrics you wear. You can try to remove stains by running it through a delicate/low cycle in your washing machine.

Another option is mixing a bit of liquid detergent with a cup of water. Use a damp cloth to put some of the solution onto the stained/dirty part of your mesh piece. Ensure that all the detergent has been washed out of the piece, and let it dry naturally.


We use denim for our overalls, sailor pants and the zip-up skirt.


… Unless you want your piece to shrink a bit because it has stretched.

We recommend running a cold cycle on your machine and letting the piece air dry. However, sometimes throwing it in the dryer on a low heat cycle gives the denim a nice soft feeling to it.


Cotton pieces will shrink unless they have been pre-washed and dried… Thankfully we thought of that and we always wash and dry our fabrics before they go into production.

You can wash your cotton piece in warm water cycle on your machine. You can add bleach if necessary to get rid of stains, but be careful!

Dry your cotton pieces at a lower heat to ensure they won’t shrink.


For hand washing velvet…

  • Turn the piece inside out before washing.

  • Use about a teaspoon amount of liquid detergent (for delicates and cold water).

  • Press the soapy water through the piece and rinse thoroughly.

  • Lay flat or hang to dry.

For machine washing velvet…

  • Wash the piece alone if possible.

  • Use cold water settings.

  • Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners, this will affect the fabric.

  • Lay flat or hang to dry.


Turn your piece inside out before washing.

  • For dark coloured corduroy, use cold water.

  • White or light coloured pieces can be washed in warm water.

Never wash corduroy with any fabric that produces a lot of lint!

  • After the wash cycle, put the piece in the drier for a ‘tumble dry’ cycle on low heat to get rid of any wrinkles.

  • Remove the piece from the drier (approx. 10 minutes) once the piece is no longer damp, and hang/lay flat to dry.


Rayon is a semisynthetic fabric. Best to hand-wash in cold water with a mild detergent and let it air dry.


If you can go without washing your PVC piece, simply use a fabric refresher product and wipe the plastic-like outside with a damp cloth or sponge.

If you must, you can wash it with warm water by hand with a small amount of liquid detergent. Let the piece air dry.


Wash your CV fleece in cold water on the delicate or hand wash cycle - to make sure it doesn’t pill. Tumble dry on low or air dry!



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