Artist Q&A: Salina Ladha

Salina Ladha is an Interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal, QC. She is one of our two artists for Spring 2019.

Her vernissage will take place at our Plateau location (4059 Saint Laurent) on Thursday, February 28th from 6-9 PM.


photo by Mackenzie Lad


How would you define yourself as an artist? How would you define your work?

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose work is soft, surreal, minimal and sometimes functional.

What inspires you to create ? 

It’s always changing, and it’s never just one thing. I am inspired by things I see in everyday life, and how I’m feeling plays a big part in when and what I make.

Do you have other artists or creatives you’ve been influenced by or find inspiration from?

Right now loving “Landscape at Collioure” by Henri Matisse.


What does your creative process look like?

Either I think of something, then sketch it out and rework it until it’s done, or other times I  go straight on paper with ink + brush.

A lot of your work is interdisciplinary (drawing, painting, prints, ceramics…) how do you think this is important to your art?

I’m not sure, it’s just something I do. I often try to focus on only painting or ceramics for a few months but it never works out that way.

What do you want people to take from your work? How do you want to influence other artists?

I hope my work gives people a feeling and same goes for influencing artists.


How do you combine your art with fashion?  

I like to make things that I would want to wear.

Favorite piece of clothing you currently own?
House sweat suit  :)

Planter (1).jpg

Visit Salina’s website here, and click here for her instagram.

Q&A by Carla Gras

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