Spilt Milk at Citizen Vintage Plateau

If you know CV, you know we love Alice Zhang's Spilt MilkHer window installations always draw a crowd, and her array of products have a following.

We are beyond excited for her upcoming vernissage, Thursday August 2nd!

From pop charts to pop tarts, SpiltMilk is a tongue and cheek look at the nature of pop icons and the modern diet of consumerism. 

Alice Zhang, the girl behind the brand SpiltMilk MTL is a Montreal based illustrator that loves everything and anything pink, pastel, and fuzzy. She strives through her work to bring a bit more fun and humour into the world. 

Alice's 5th window installation at Citizen Vintage is inspired by the painting by Bosch: “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. However she has replaced the elements from the original painting with a hodge podge of everything she loves and is inspired by including the Kardashians, boobs, the teletubbies etc to create a new landscape. 

In addition to her tees and crewnecks, Alice displays her artwork on lighters, post cards, and we will be carrying exclusive

CV X Spilt Milk sticker packs. 

Join us August 2nd from 6pm to 9pm for the opening party!
Music by DJ Radiant Baby
We'll be serving beer and wine!

Click for the event!

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