Meet the duo behind Toujours Correct

Can you describe your work/style in 1-2 sentences?

We’re two sisters and we’ve always wanted to share a project.  Screen printing entered our lives and so it was natural that we decided to make t-shirts.  We’ve always shared a common vibe, and the older we get the more we realized that there are people who are always down, those who are always really high on life, and then there’s us.  We found ourselves in the middle of that: not up, not down, just alright. Toujours Correct is really just our way of thinking and our lifestyle. It’s our vision and our humour that sets us aside, we’re really into the little things of everyday life, procrastination, admitting that we aren’t down to go out on a Friday night, promoting “beige life”.  We noticed that a lot of people actually related to that. We’re actually a pretty large amount of people who will ditch a party for Netflix ;)

Can you describe your creative process?

We always start from an idea first.  Together we find an anecdote, a reality, a joke, an occurrence from our lives.  Then, we make illustrations revolving around the concept, all while trying to remain minimalistic.  Since we mainly make t-shirt prints, we want people to be able to understand the message quickly. Both of us come from the world of graphic design, so I think that really contributes towards our efficiency as well.  Since we are sisters and it’s a shared project, it was important to us from the beginning that it really represent us. It works out because since we’re so close we pretty much end up living through the same things… even procrastination (hahaha) unfortunately.

How has your art evolved over time?  Do you feel like your art evolves as you do?

We are two, but we’ve really evolved together so we have the same style.  At first, we really focused on controlling our differentiating features. We realized that we liked the styles from our childhood, when we were 5 and we had scented Crayola; that’s kind of how our style regressed, allowing it to evolve.  Now we work hard to make sure our illustrations look like they haven’t been worked on hahaha!

What’s your favourite place to see art and/or look for inspiration?

We’ve always been really into museums, since we were young.  Our father has a framing company, and so he’s really into art.  He introduced us to many Montreal artists and always brought us to vernissages.  When we go to his studio we can see tons of pieces and our father is always pleased to tell us about the artists and their work.  It’s great, except when I have to pass by for 5 minutes, I know I have to set aside 30 extra minutes for a tour!

Describe your style in 3 words!

The best way to describe our style: We’re right handed but clearly we draw with our left. Whoops, that’s not three words…

If you could give advice to someone who has difficulty creating, what would you say?

Stop looking.  There’s nothing worse than wanting more, we always end up getting what we dislike most.  Every time you try too hard to control your creative process, it gives the most disappointing results.

Béatrice: “Personally, when I look for a concept and I can’t come up with anything, I do something else, like taking a shower.  Three quarters of my ideas have come to me when I’ve been on the verge of falling asleep after giving up on a project.”