Ariane Fairlie, Our Spring Mile End Artist

1) Can you describe your work/style in 1-2 sentences?

I make primarily paintings, drawings, and prints, but I love to experiment with all kinds of media. I’m concerned with emotion, and the body’s ability to convey emotion. I’m mostly interested with women/feminine bodies, because they’re what I most closely identify with, and I love to explore feelings of desire, loneliness, tenderness, seduction, and despair (among others).


2) What, or Who, are your biggest influences?

I love Sascha Braunig, Maria Lassnig, Lisa Yuskavage, and Dasha Shishkin. They all influence the work I’m making right now. I recently started the Jeunes Volontaire grant program, and Janet Werner has been mentoring me, which has really influenced my practice.


3) Can you describe the process of making your work?

I’m trying to work a lot more intuitively, so my process has changed a lot in the last 6 months. I’m constantly looking at images, on Instagram, through research, taking photos (I love to walk), just collecting as much as I can anything that speaks to me. Then I paint/draw/collage whatever picture I have in my head, which is drawn from that collection of images. Sometimes I create drawing or paintings straight from my imagination, which are mostly bodies, but I have to feed my brain to have those drawings flow naturally. So my practice is mostly about collecting!



4) If you could meet 1 artist (dead or living), who would it be, and why?

Just one?? Shary Boyle. I think you can imagine what type of personality an artist has through their art, cause you can kind of imagine what type of practice it would take to make art like that. Her work is so fantastic and surreal, and it all makes sense together so beautifully, but there’s really a lot of variation and experimentation, and also technical skill. I think she’s the full package. I was so inspired by an interview of hers I read in Border Crossings, I reached out to her for a studio visit, and she agreed! So she’s generous, too. I haven’t arranged it yet, but I’m hoping to make it happen in the Spring. Also, Dana Schutz as a second pick. She just seems like a f*ing badass, and I’ve heard she’s really kind.


5) Can you describe your favourite vintage piece?

I have a very cute little yellow silk sleeveless blouse. I can’t wait until warm weather to wear it ☀️


Be sure to stop by our Mile End shop to see Ariane's window installation and her selection of large and small prints. See more of her work on Instagram.

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