Cheap & Cheerful: Citizen’s first Holiday Market

We are super excited to be hosting our very own Holiday Market! The Market will be held on December 8th at our Studio (5333 Casgrain, #712). We have a great group of artists and makers that will be selling a range of giftable goods that are all under $50.

On this blog post, we will continue to add information about the artists, vendors, and their products.

Bilak - @bilakjewelry

Delicate and mysterious handmade jewelry, created with love and care in the Mile End, Montreal. Unique accessories that will add a twist your outfit, made out of long lasting material such as sterling silver, gold and pearls.

Blueberry Jams - @blueberryjamsmtl

Blueberryjams offers a variety of crafted products, penned texts, and skillshares with a focus on DIY, radical home economics, and herbalism through an emphasis on sustainability, creativity, and community.

Everything made by hand, with heart.

Humble Knit - @humble_mtl

Dyeing humble minimalist yarns and knitting with them - a living archive of craft 

Malaika Astorga - @flloral_art

A Mexican-Canadian artist, working primarily with illustration, animation, photography and often collaborating with musicians. Her work focuses on themes of mixed-race and queer identities, femininity and empowerment.

Pas Mon Style - @pasmonstyle

PMS (pas mon style) is a Montreal-based studio, designing products that delight, comfort and inspire.
All products are vegan and made by hand.

Taryns Embroidery - @taryns_embroidery

Hand embroidered items in Montreal.

Alex’s Embroidery - @alexsembroidery

Alex, the creative force behind Alex's Embroidery, creates beautiful and unique embroidered art in Montreal. Every piece is made by hand, with great care and attention to detail to ensure only the highest quality. Animals, pop culture quotes, holiday pieces and more, there's something for everyone!

Starchild Stela - @littlestarchild

Bubulle et Jujube - @bubulleetjujube

At home, we know how much moms and dads take wonderful care of little ones. That's why we decided to create quality, handmade products that make it easy for us to love each other and help us grow.
Whether for your child or to give as gifts to future parents, our products will delight young and old!

Colt Renfrew Plant Kitchen

Colt Renfrew, know for their exquisite collection of vintage clothing will be highlighting another one of their skills, plant based baking. They will be bringing such goodies as spiced goji and macadamia nut raw granola with sprouted pumpkin, sunflower, oats and pomegranate, mini oatcakes with dark chocolate (made with raw sprouted pumpkin, flax and sunflower) and cinnamon buns with plantain, banana, date and vegan cream cheese icing! Yum!

Heather Lynn - @no.thrills

Heather Lynn is an unruly-haired Graphic Designer + Illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. She enjoys working in different mediums, while infusing her fiery personality. She will be selling items from limited edition 2019 calendars to handmade ceramic incense ware. Perfect gifts for home, family and friends.

Kelly Bernard Ceramics - @kellyabernard

Mudmuddd by Karyn Bailey - @mudmuddd

mudmuddd is the ceramic play of karyn bailey. Her work explores form and uses a soft palette to create comforting functional wear and sculptural vases.  

babysbabybaby by Nico E Wilting - @babysbabybaby

Nico is a multidisciplinary artist and tattooer based in Montreal. Their work is inspired by 60s and 70s illustrations, comics, ignorant style artwork and tattoo culture.

Scissor Guild - @scissorguild

Founded and operated in Montreal, Scissor Guild is a company which offers products that are both durable and eco-responsible. Our bags and accessories are crafted to be sustainable, stylish and timeless.

Bad BBs Club by Simon Fortin - @em0twink

Simon Fortin is a multidisciplinary Montreal based artist known for his cute, dark and quite pornographic characters. The artist illustrates mostly horror, glamour and drag scene icons. His artwork currently explores themes of beauty, BDSM and mythical creatures. Inspired by the 90's nostalgia and LGBTQ+ world's fabulous personalities, he creates his own universe with vibrant colours, sometimes with political and dark themes in which his own endearing characters take place.

Sophie Sudss - @soph.sudss

Sophie Marisol does hand-drawn illustrations that you can purchase as prints, stickers, t-shirts, hoodies and more. Her work is dreamy, sensual, and surreal, following a recurring character that explores a world all her own.

SWARM / Maison Cinq - @sw_rm

Maison Cinq is an independent fashion brand by Montreal based artist Swarm that focuses on otherworldly/celestial aesthetics.

Appolonie Ceramics - @appolonie_ceramics

Handmade objects & accessories.

Alexandra Mondry - @alexmondry

Alex Mondry is a collage artist based in Montreal who works primarily with vintage magazines, dating back to the 1940s.  She juxtaposes images in unexpected ways to create compositions that are at once alluring and unsettling.

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