Disquiet Muse, Our Winter Artist at the plateau

Meet Disquiet Muse, the artist of the month at our Plateau boutique...

1. Who/What inspired you to create the illustrations for your Citizen collab?

These past couple of months have taught me a lot about mental health and the importance of self-care, so I wanted illustrate what I’ve learned, but with a bit of a wintry twist.


2. Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I’m from Palestine, but I was born and raised in Kuwait until the age of 17, which is when I decided to basically uproot my life and move to Montreal. There are a lot of events that led up to my move to Montreal, but I essentially wanted to go to school here and build a new home for myself. Although there was a good year of homesickness and isolation, I can happily say that Montreal is now my new home.

3. Favourite medium to work in?

I’m still trying to figure that out for myself, but for now, I really don’t have a favourite or preferred medium. I think it really depends on the project, its concept, scale and the aesthetic I’m going for. So, if I wanted the colours to look flatter or more muted than usual, I would go for markers or watercolours, but if I’m working on something more expressive or gestural—something that can take a couple of layers of pent up emotion—then I’d for sure prefer oil painting! It’s all relative.


4. Favourite musician right now?

Alvvays! Their latest album has gotten me through some tough times this year, I’ve also recently seen them play at Club Soda, which was all really amazing and memorable.


5. Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

Oh yeah, I definitely enjoy shopping vintage and thrifting. My style in three words: Comfortable, lazy and chunky.


6. One of the main themes in your work is 'self-care/love' - (which has inspired the theme of our upcoming Zine!) do you have any words to share on self-care to inspire our Citizen community?

I think for a long time I neither understood nor acknowledged the importance of taking a couple of minutes of everyday to just engage in an act of self-care. It can be anything you want: a bubble bath, an extra-long hug, booking an appointment with your therapist, or maybe you’ve had a bit of a rough week and need to let out a good cry—if it’ll make you feel better, do it. It’s important to remember that putting your needs and taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, rather it’s necessary, it’s good and it’s ok. You’re human and you need to give yourself  just as much love and care as you give the people in your life.


7. Favourite method of self-care/love?

Sometimes the bustle of life can keep me away from a moment of self-care, but when it doesn’t, I try my best to take an hour out of each day to just doodle something in my sketchbook.


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