Get to know Niti, our Mile End artist for this winter...


1. Who/What inspired you to create the illustrations for your Citizen collab?

The theme STAY GOLD inspired the illustrations. It was inspired by the importance to be aware of your worth and be proud of it.


2. Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I'm a Quebecer, born and raised in Montreal. My parents are originally from Cameroon and Haïti.

3. Favourite medium to work in?

Pencil and paper! But I mostly do digital art on my computer with my graphic tablet.


4. Favourite musician right now? 

Definitely Anderson Paak, he's amazing.

5. Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

I do! But I don't shop a lot. My style is simple, but unapologetically represents me and my art.


6. One of the main themes in your work is 'self-care/love' - (which has inspired the theme of our upcoming Zine!) do you have any words to share on self-care to inspire our Citizen community?

We stand proud and united. Strengthened by the beauty of our souls. It's not a matter of colour. We are sisters. Inside we are gold. Together we are bold. We care about what matters the most. Self love matters.


7. Favourite method of self-care/love?

Meditation, prayer, visualization. 

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