Who/What inspired you to create the pieces for your Citizen collab?

The nostalgia that you can smell in the crisp air during the transition of summer to fall. I basically just mixed my love for horror films and with my obsession with cute/pastel baby toys and products  to create the perfect cute and creepy baby bedroom.. giving a twist on the usual halloween decor that were used to see.

Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I am from originally from Deux-Montagne. I ended up in Montreal 9 years ago.. I just needed to move somewhere where I didn’t feel like a total freak! I just escaped as fast as I could.. the suburbs was just not made for me i’m a city boy!

Favourite musician right now? 

It’s always so hard to just pick one..but I’d say Michele Nox!

Do you have a favourite medium of working in?

I love making digital work/illustration because It allows me to make everything so smooth and bubbly so easily!! It's also the cheapest medium. you don’t need to buy any materials (beside the computer) so when you got it... It’s pretty crazy how many options you have an how far you can go!


How do you develop your illustrations? (process, inspiration)

I get inspired by simple day to day stuff…the people ,the colours, the shapes surrounding me. Music!!  any song or track that I can relate with that can make me feel something or think about something that I can illustrate.

Do you have a favourite character/illustration you’ve created? If so, why?

Yes! my main character Burble ! It is obviously my favourite character because I speak a lot through him! I have a hard time filtering my emotions and he’s the perfect little guy that I found to express them!

Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

Yes! everything I own is vintage or made by me or a friend. Being broke really forces you to go out there and try to find some cute stuff...forces you to be creative! When you can’t find something.... just make it! Baby punk raver.