A Week In The Life Of the CV Girls: Part Two

We are now at the second stage of the vintage shop process. We last left you off where we were scouring the city looking for some amazing vintage treasures. Which, btw, we found plenty of :) What a success it was. But now we are going to let you in on what happens once we get back to the studio. How do we stay organized with the hundreds of pieces we buy every week? How do we decide what is to be sold as is and what will be modified? 

We start the day off by taking a deep breath and not feeling overwhelmed by all the bags full of clothes we have dragged in. A little positivity and a great playlist really helps get the process going.

Now it's time to sort. We have a few piles that get divided by season and then by assortment i.e mens, womens, skirts, dresses... We have fun with this since we get to relive some of the crazy/ fun pieces we've found.

Two busy little bees!

So. Many. Clothes.

So. Many. Clothes.

Next step. The girls then have to sort by washing as well. Yes, in case you were wondering, everything that steps into the CV shop is washed!  So now the clothing will get seperated for denim, dark clothes, whites, wool and delicate etc... "We spend a lot of time doing laundry" said Lara. Some pieces have to be hand washed, all the wool has to be lain flat to dry, some pieces have to be hung... So as you can imagine, the studio goes from neat and organized to just having clothing everywhere!  

Then there is a the question of how to decide what to alter? The girls know that the oversize look is cool, however there is a fine line between oversize and just the exaggerated silhouettes of the 80's. So typically if the shoulders are too big or dresses seem a little too frumpy and long, that's when the items get tossed into the alteration pile. Leather pants seem to end up in that pile more often than not. Unflattering straight legs and pleating. So when you get leather shorts at the shop, know that they were once  someones (MC Hammer) pants :)

Now once items have been washed, it's time to divided them up once again. There is "tagging party" that takes place. This is where all items that go to the shop get priced and tagged to be put out on the floor. But for the items staying behind, the studio is full of bins for each assortment and the clothing gets placed there until it is their time to go to the shop and get shot for Etsy. 

Off to the shop! 

To Be Continued...



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