A Chat With La Façade - Our September Artist

To kick off the start of POP Montreal we have teamed up with La Façade to create an exciting new window display and celebrate with live music and drinks!

''Pigeons are life''

Ellie and Lara, the two brilliant ladies behind La Façade, have created a harmony between their vision of the Universe
and Pop Montreal's graphic aesthetic. They envisioned a bright and dynamic window, creating repetitions and staying close to their usual pastel palette. 

La Façade is an illustrator duo driven by the desire to create products with a feminist touch for the LGBTQ community. They want to create illustrations that represent who they are by composing eye catching unique scenes.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Lara: Before taking an interest in tattooing, I wanted to be in the film industry.

Ellie: I've always been interested in the arts, however a large part of my childhood was spent wanting to be a film maker. Film maker and crime scene investigator. Why not...

What are you listening to right now?

Lara: For the last few months Ive really fallen back into the classics like Joy Division, New Order, Bowie. If not,  Alt-J and Amy Winehouse always come up on our playlists. I should also mention that the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks. Perfect sound for our upcoming projects.

Ellie: Well for me, to add to Lara's list, I have fallen back in love with Radiohead with the release of their latest album. On the french side, we are really big fans of Philémon Cimon. And in case this question refers to Netflix - we have just completed all nine seasons of the X-Files. We are taking a little break before we start the 10th season. 

What would the perfect day be like for you?

Lara: It would be a day in the country surrounded by trees and water with nobody around besides the noise of the leaves and the birds. Ideally there would be a lake or river where we could do a little kayaking! the day would finish off with a lovely campfire. Oh and for this day to be perfect, it would be mid August and there would not be a cloud as far as the eye could see and would be far away enough from the city to see the milky way. 

Ellie: I think my perfect day would be spent in Venice. The first thing we would do would be get up early and head to the small cafés and order two lattés and two pastries freshly made. We would eat standing up at the counter just like the Italians. We would then wander the alleys eating tiramisu and gelato. At night, we would eat baguette and cheese in a staircase along the canal with a bottle of wine. Clearly delicious food is a huge part of my life!

What are you working on right now? 

Lara: We are starting to think about our Fall projects. We have a weakness of the color Orange lately, so there is a strong chance it will be represented in our upcoming illustrations. It's a work in progress!

If your window display was a planet, what celebrities would live there?

Lara: Gillian Anderson! I could just see her posing in her FBI outfit, her blasé attitude and her strawberry blonde hair! It has no link at all to our window display, but we love her! 

Ellie: GILLIAN ANDERSON! OUI! Tilda Swinton would be there as well. They would be the most incredible duo. And the trifecta would be completed with Florence Welch and her beautiful aura. This would be an explosion of confidence, non conventional beauty and femininity all at once. 

Did you go to art school our are you self-taught?

Lara: I studied media art in college. I then became very interested in tattooing, that I learned through the wonderful schooling of apprenticeships for about 5 years. This process made me interested in new techniques and pushed me to for study visual arts at L'UQAM. It's thanks to this that La Façade was born. I liked working with illustrations and and with time was able to define themes that kept coming up. With Ellie, we developed our aesthetic which lies in color palettes opposite to our tattooing.  

Ellie: I was interested in anything related to visual arts - media language and scenarisation - but without directly studying them. I just aways felt that it was more of a hobby for me. I finally started just teaching myself and have been happy living this life that I am really passionate about.  

In 5 words, how would you describe your aeshetic?

Ellie: Poetic, feminist, sensual, playful and retro

What's your favorite fashion decade?

Lara: The 80's all the way!

Ellie: I agree! With a touch of the kitsch of the 90's

How would you describe your style?

Lara: Local tees and stripes

Ellie: Retro

Whats your favorite vintage purchase?

Lara: A vintage Scandinavian piece of furniture from the 60's  - that era and the bauhaus are my favorites

Ellie: It is very clearly my denim coat!




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