The Osheaga Survival Kit

There are certain items that are essential when dealing with an all day music festival. So we figured, let's get a list together so that you go in fully prepared for your Osheaga weekend. Take notes!

Bag #1:


What to pack in your Citizen Vintage tote bag?

1. A hat. The days and hot and long and hats are an easy to shade yourself a little

2. A light blanket. In case you want to find a spot in some shade under tree or sprawl out in a sunny grassy area, a nice light throw blanket is the perfect fit. As well, in case it does get a little chilly once the sun disappears, you can wrap yourself up!

3. Sunglasses. 

4. Lip balm. Lips get dry and irritated by the sun just like the rest of your body. And this L'Orphée chapstick is exactly what you need.

5. A snack. Just in case you have made your way to the front stage with a sea of people around you and you have the munchies, a little snack is there to save you.

6. WATER. I can't stress this enough. Stay hydrated all day. Drink as much water as possible and make sure to always have a full bottle on you.

7. Bandaids. We opted for the Minions edition bandaids here but any kind will do :)

8. Toilet paper. This might seem extreme but I think we've all been caught without so having our own may not be the worst idea. 

Bag #2:

What to pack in your Citizen Vintage backpack:

1. Sunscreen. Nobody wants a sunburn. Protect your skin. You'll appreciate when you're 40 :)

2. Phone Charger. You know you'll be Instagraming all day so make sure you are prepared in case of a low battery threat.

3. Extra tee shirt. It gets hot out there and you might want a clean tee by the end of the day.

4. Sunglasses. Protect your eyes!

5. A snap back. 

6. An umbrella. Montreal weather can be so unpredictable so pack a small one just in case.

7. WATER. WATER. WATER. Seriously. You wouldn't want to pass out and miss your favorite band.

8. A polaroid. Phone cameras are fun, but film is more fun!

9. Last but not least... some Advil. Just in case.

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