Let's hear it for the Osheaga boys!

I know a lot of focus tends to be placed on the ladies and their extravagant clothing attire during the Osheaga music festival, but we cannot forget about our boys. They have the right to look good as well. And boys, we have just what you might need! with that said, we have outlined 4 types of dudes that might be making an appearance at Osheaga this weekend. I think we all know at least one of this guys. 

Come by the shop and pick one of these items up!

Look #1: You can never go wrong with a Hawaiian printed shirt. Anything that is the slightest bit reminiscent of Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet wardrobe, is definitely killing it. 

Look #2: His tee basically says it all. Rocker guy. In fact, he might even be playing a set at the festival dressed like this. 

Look #3: Hippy guy. The tie dye shirt lets you know that he will definitely having a much better time than everyone else. Maybe too good a time.

Look #4: Meet "in case it rains" guy. He's got the parka, hes got the nylon shorts and he's not messing around. Look out for him, if it rains and gets muddy, guess who will be partaking in some slip and slide... He's a good time. 

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