A Week In The Life Of The CV Gals: Part One

So we are not sure if you know this, but quite a lot goes into owning a vintage shop. It might seem like it's the equivalent to a fun trip to your fave shop where things are hung up and folded neatly. That there are shop keepers that merchandise everything that you can easily spot the good from the bad. But nope! And this is why we have come up with a four part series to let you in on the vintage process. We want to take you along with us for you to see the many many steps that come with owning and running a vintage shop. Don't you even wonder, "What went into finding these vintage pair of Levi's?!.


8AM: Time to get on the road for todays shopping destination. There is not just one spot we check out, it tends to be kind of all over/outside the city. The key to all of this is comfortable close toed shoes and a couple of granola bars in our bags. 

8:10AM: We load up the 6 CD changer in Becky's car typically with Spice Girls, Macy's Playground, White Stripes, Alanis Morisette... Keep is very 90's usually. 

9:15AM: The second we walk in, we head straight for the purse/ footwear area. We start there since they are heavier and best to put at the bottom of our carts and then pile clothes on top. Then it is a divide and conquer technique so we can cover as much ground as possible in the quickest amount of time. Every time we go shopping, we have different things on our lists depending what we are low on. If we are in fall season, we of course will focus more on finding the appropriate pieces for this, but if we find something incredible for spring/summer we don't hesitate, we pick it up and store it. 

10:30AM: Every shopping trip we assign one another a particular assortment to go through and mix it up each time so it doesn't get redundant. Like the denim bin is overwhelming and to be the person in charge of this every week would be really tiring and trying.


12:00PM: We are starting to think about lunch but have to power through a little while longer... this is the moment we are thankful we packed snacks. 

1:30PM: Still loading up our carts with fun finds. There are usually about two pieces that we find that we have to have conversations about. Like if one of really likes something and the other is unsure we then have to explain to the other why the piece is good crazy and not bad crazy. Sometimes the piece goes back and sometimes it end up on the CV rack :) 

3:00PM: It's time to review one another's bins of clothing and really decided on each piece. This is also the moment where we discuss where to go for lunch. It's a very exciting time in the day because we are a little hangry by this point. 

4:30PM: LUNCH TIME! Or maybe it's more of an early dinner at this point... First time today we get to sit down. It's very exciting!


6:00PM: Back at the studio to drop off our giant bags of clothing and call it a day! 

To be continued...

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