Riding Bikes in Skirts. How and Why?

There is no denying that the city of Montreal comes alive once the snow has melted and warmer temperatures have moved in. There are just so many things that we want to do, that we can’t seem to contain ourselves. Ice cream, picnics in the park, brunching on a terrace and of course; bike rides. Now, I will preface this entire article by saying that I am not a “let’s go for a bike ride” kind of gal. A bike is a point A to point B way of transport, in my opinion. And even then I would probably rather not. But I do pose the question, how are girls riding bikes in skirts? And why? No judgment, I swear. I think that from a fashion standpoint, they are super cute and make for a great street style photo. I understand it as being a far more comfortable option than let’s say, a skinny jean or leather pants (pretty sure nobody is biking in leather pants)

But fashion and function typically have a difficult time meeting in the middle. One usually suffers. Which one should it be?!

I guess I am asking the question because I am trying to understand why you would want to add stress to an activity that is already stressful. Think about it, you are navigating through the city full of giant potholes, buses pulling in and out of stops, cabs weaving in and out of lanes and dooring being a thing. Yes, I just described a scene out of Fast and The Furious, but still, these are legitimate concerns. Do you really want to worry about having to tuck your skirt in a way that you don’t give innocent bystanders a PG 13 show? Which leads to my next question,  do you then have to carefully consider what underwear you are going to have to put on knowing that your skirt may or may not fly up on your ride to work? So far, not how I necessarily want to start my day. And just so I don’t discriminate here, I have an issue with long skirts as well. Unless you are Rachel McAdams from the Notebook riding down a dirt road in the 50’s with Ryan Gosling, then I don't get it. Anything to do with Ryan Gosling is okay in my books, really. But seriously, it seems like an even more dangerous option as far as skirts go since getting it caught in a chain is a giant possibility.

So with all of these questions and confusion of mine, I figured I would consult my cute bike riding girlfriends to see if they could give me some insight into this debate of mine. Perhaps enlighten me...


After several fun discussions and laughs, the most popular solution was the good old fashion simple tucking: hello creases!. One friend let me in on their penny technique; where you put a penny on the front end of your skirt and tie a hair tie around it to create weight to avoid it flying up: even more creases!!! Or you can wear shorts underneath the skirt, but then, why wouldn't you just wear shorts…

So after all this skirt talk, we believe that we have come up with THE perfect solutions: pair your skirt with an “I don’t care badass (no pun intended) attitude or just wear a skort! PS. they are making a comback. You’re welcome J