A Chat With Jared Betts - Our May Artist

Another month, another window display. Except this window treatment is a special one, with a very special artist by the name of, Jared Betts. When he agreed to work with the shop a few months ago, we have to be honest, we were quite excited about it. He is incredibly talented having showcased his work in various shows around the globe and is presently in Tokyo exhibiting at the Tokyo International Art Fair. So cool!


Jared Betts currently works out of Montreal, Quebec and Moncton, New Brunswick. His work is included in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, Paris, California, China, Australia and Iceland. This year Jared will be exhibiting in Montreal, Quebec at Citizen Vintage in The Mile End and at The Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan in May. He has exhibited in over 100 group and solo exhibitions including: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the New Brunswick Museum, Montreal, Paris, London, New York City, Germany, Costa Rica and Iceland. Jared is the recipient of a Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage grant and six artsnb grants.


When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a marine biologist but, when I found out it wasn't just swimming around with dolphins and whales all day, I changed my mind. Now I'm an abstract painted, which is basically swimming around with dolphins and whales all day. So it worked out.

What are you listening to right now?

Miles Davis, Debussy, 80's Madonna, Alien Sex Fiend, Ghost, Killing Joke, Black Bug, The Cure, Crytal Castles, CRIM3S, Vivaldi, Tinashe, Fleetwood Mac, Wolves in the Throne Room, The Damned, Christian Death, Cranes, Cocteau Twins, Chopin, Pastel Ghost, Nicole Dollanger, Mariah Carey, Burzum

What would the perfect day be like for you?

100% Today. After three days of layovers, I just arrived in Tokyo at midnight, it was a foggy rainy neon dream! Like the beginning of Akira, but jet lagged af, which was perfect euphoria. This morning I'm chilling in my capsule hotel hostel, I'm about to wander around getting sushi, taking photos of fun signs and then going to see and anime in Akihabara (the anime district) and probably will lose my mind tonight when all the neon nightlife begins. 

What are you working on right now? 

I just finished a series of three paintings that I will be exhibiting at the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan this week. Pastel leopard prints, stars, ghosts and lots of neon drips that are New Brunswick waterfall and Montreal sushi + party nightlife inspired. I'm an aquarius so under the sea is always a big influence of mine. I follow a lot of cool coral feeds on IG. Rusalocka (1976) the Russian little mermaid is a major inspiration and so pastel goth before its time. 

If your window display was a planet, what celebrities would live there?

Vivaldi and Tanashe

Did you go to art school our are you self-taught?

After I graduated from high school in 2001, I went to animation college for a yeas in Miramichi, New Brunswick. It was pretty amazing. My teachers were so incredible and has worked for Disney, but I was 18 and overwhelmed, so I dropped out and moved to Banff to snowboard. I then moved to Calgary and went to ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) in 2004, but still distracted by snowstorms leading to missing a lot of classes to snowboard... In 2005, I moved to Halifax  where I was able to focus and completed my BFA in 2010. 

In 5 words, how would you describe your aeshetic?

Dreams, ethereal, erotica, seapunk, pastelgoth

What's your favorite fashion decade?

1800's goth vamp, 1800's ethereal flowered hair sea nymph era, Dinotopia etherealism  or cyberpunk goth futurism. That's a hard question. 

How would you describe your style?

Art pop, goth, snowboard/ Alien abduction inspired? (I mostly just wear black tight jeans and a Calvin Klein black t-shirt every day)

Whats your favorite vintage purchase?

Tight, white acid wash jeans.