Petite Exposition De Mariage - Participating Businesses Part 2




For your decoration: 

La Mariée Bohème

La Mariée Bohème has an extensive collection of vintage and handmade objects to achieve a Pinterest worthy wedding. Whether your dream wedding is rustic, boho or classic, colorful or monochrome, La Mariée Bohème puts together elements from nature and your grandma’s living room to create custom decor unique to your wedding alone!


For your invitations:


Kismet is a full-service graphic design studio specializing in what they call “Event Detailing & Design.” What do they mean by “Event Detailing”? When detailing a car, it requires going way beyond the usual vacuum and wash. It means paying special attention to the tiny details that add up to make the car look show-worthy. Kismet specialize in the tiny (and not so tiny!) details that make your event shine. 


For your flowers: 


Floralia’s founder, Caroline Boyce, decided to put together two of her passions; her background in visual arts and her experience working on organic farms. Floralia locally grows seasonal flowers in an eco-responsible way and create wonderful flower arrangements for your special events.


For your photos: 

KMB Photographe

Katherine is completely passionate about her job. She loves to share unique moments with her clients that she captures the magic of the day. The lovely photographer likes to work with natural light in all its simplicity.


Bianca Desjardins

Bianca has been published in Spoiler Magazine,, 33mag, This is Better than Porn et Flanelle Magazine, establishing herself as a true artist and photographer in Montreal. Softness, innocence and sensuality reflect the images she captures. Her attention to authenticity and her ability to show natural beauty's many faces are significant characteristics of her art.

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