Which Guy Might You Be?!

We put together a few mens looks that we often encounter just walking the streets of the Mile End. We have broken them down below with some fun options that are all available at the shop!  

RUGGED GUY: Loves flannels, the outdoors, dogs and is great with an axe! 

Coat: $69, flannel: $32, Levi's jeans: $52, boots: $52, mitts: $22, fur hat: $36, socks: $16, scarf: $24, toy animals: $3

PARTY GUY: The life of the party, unpredictable, often late and has the best stories!

Leather jacket: $89, dress shirt: $29, jeans: $48, Boots:$52, socks: $16, handmade Miyuki Crochet beanie: $48, sunglasses: $34, Vicki's Veggies hot sauce: $8.50 

TECH GUY: slight neat freak, foodie, proud of his music collection and yes, he will always wait in line for the latest apple product!

Tommy Hilfiger wool coat: $85, flannel shirt: 32, cardigan: $32, Levi's jeans: $38, wool beanie by Miyuki crochet: $48, leather gloves: $22, leather portfolio case: $32, scarf: $25, honey: $7

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