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New Beauty Favorite: L'Orphée Cosmetics

Citizen Vintage

If you aren’t makeup obsessed enough, well get ready to fall pretty hard for another awesome cosmetics brand. This one goes by the name of L’Orphée Cosmetics and we are proud to now be carrying it at the shop. So not only is L’Orphée  environmentally friendly, but they are hand made right here in Montreal. (Shop local!)

The founder, Agnes Gromotowicz had been working as a makeup artist for four years until she decided to move forward with her very own line. She recognized that there was a need in the market for natural and organic products that cater to sensitive skin. Some of her favourite materials include cocoa butter, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, amongst others.

Natural and organic clay eye liner

Natural and organic clay eye liner

Founder, Agnes Gromotowicz 

Founder, Agnes Gromotowicz 

So whether you are someone who enjoys a more colourful selection of eyeshadows, liners, and lipsticks or someone who favours neutral nudes and brown natural tones, L’Orphée offers all it all. She has an amazing selection of lip colours and our must-have all-natural lip balm (you will bring this everywhere).

We asked Agnes a few fun questions...

Which celeb/personality would you most like to do their makeup?

I would want to do a make-up for Bill Skarsgard, because he is a dreamy dark character in Hemlock Grove. Even though he is younger than me... haha!

What is the biggest makeup faux pas that really irks you?

The biggest mistake for me is when someone wears lipstick before making sure that their skin looks good. Which should be number one.

What is the one makeup item you would never leave home without?

I never leave the house before putting some concealer under my eyes so I look healthy and not tired and I never leave the house without a lipstick or lip tint.

Natural and organic lipstick

Natural and organic lipstick

Come by the store to test some of L’Orphée’s products, and check out their Facebook and Etsy pages to learn more about this great line of cosmetics!