Asphalt & Silk


We're excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Negar Nakhai! She will be helping us out in our studio with alterations and also behind the camera, working on some photography projects! Here is her first project; Asphalt & Silk! Enjoy!

One of the reasons why I take photographs is because I enjoy the challenge of creating a visually satisfying image with the elements that make their way into my field of vision. Walking around Montreal with my friend Jordan for this photo shoot made me appreciate those instantaneous moments of visual harmony. The shoot was loosely planned and was intended to show off some of the lovely transitional pieces that Lara had selected for Jordan to wear. Jordan and I stopped by at Else’s for a bite to eat and a pitcher of sangria, and proceeded to meander through alleyways branching off of Rue Saint­ Denis. The photo shoot ended up unfolding as a collection of instances that capture a love affair between sartorial choices and the urban landscape of Montreal.


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