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Nancy Pants @ Citizen Vintage

Citizen Vintage

For our fourth anniversary we wanted to do something special, because, honestly, owning a business in Montreal is tough. So this year, along with a very well deserved bash, we’ve invited Nancy Pants, a local Montreal band, their, self described “teenage ‘60s garage pop and weird ‘90s punk”. It was only last year that Ohara Hale (vocalist and guitar) and Adam Waito (bass and vocals) birthed Nancy Pants while on a road trip to a comic book convention. The duo, who are also skilled illustrators/comic book makers, enlisted Jeremy MacCuish on drums to complete the formation. The band’s first demo was recorded on a cellphone in July 2014. They have since moved on to more professional audio recording equipment and are hitting up the Montreal scene and playing across the Canada this summer.  

We’re excited to see them bring their eclectic melange of sounds and colours into the store for a night of vintage, music and merriment! To another four (and many more) years of Citizen Vintage!

by Mira Faizawati

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