Delightful Cuts and Sweet Chaos

As Anna and I were brainstorming for a concept for this shoot, we found inspiration in editorials by Faustine Steinmetz SS16 and Moga E Mago SS12. The idea of having cutouts in the background to make limbs look as though they were floating weightlessly reminded us of Vera Chytilova’s Daisies (1966). It was this scene in particular that came to mind.

The two Maries playfully cut each other up until they turn into a delightful medley of limbs, creating a collage of hands, thighs, arms and feet. Other than the feminist point that Vera Chytilova is making regarding empowerment through self representation, and having control over the creation of one’s own image, I fell in love with the childish innocence of the whole scene.

Faustine Steinmetz SS16

Faustine Steinmetz SS16

The fact that Lara and Becky’s designs, which are featured in the photos, were made from deadstock fabric seemed to add to the element of collage and the joy of reconstruction. As Anna and I were on the floor of the studio, making cutouts in the background for our model Chloe to slide into, I felt like we were the two Maries from Daisies, creating something new through destruction and reconstruction.

Photos and Text by Negar Nakhai

Model: Chole from Babes in Velvet 

We will be releasing the full look book soon so stay tuned! 


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