Spilt Milk's A Muppet Christmas Carol

We don't know how to describe just how excited we are that the absurdly talented, Alice Zhang is back with a whole new insane window display. Just when we think she has outdone herself, she manages to go above and beyond and leave us dumbfounded by her work... Again!

In case you haven't picked up on the theme here, it is very much your beloved childhood muppet characters' heads combined with female bodies evoking more mature and thought provoking positions... Yup, genius!  Our windows will be filled with large plaster muppet/bodies topped off with snow and alluring Christmas cheer! Oh and there will be plenty of goodies available to buy as well, including a 2016 calendar of all your favourite muppet characters! 

Alice Zhang is a Montreal based illustrator/ graphic designer who would like to pretend she is a #badassbitch when in reality she may be better defined as #basic? Her work is inspired by the mediocrity unfortunate happenings in everyday life as well as pastel coloured and/or greasy comfort foods. Lastly, she is not ashamed to admit that she frequently hosts solo dance parties to horrible 90's music (more specifically SClub7).

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