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Sara, The Leather Seamstress

Citizen Vintage

Sara working on her creations!

Sara working on her creations!

As you may already know, Citizen Vintage offers several internships to young artists aspiring to practice in their field.

During the last 3 weeks, Sara has had the chance to have access to the Citizen Vintage workshop, in order to create wonderful pieces. Using leather pants ‘scraps, the seamstress and sensational designer made various variants of leather tank tops.

The brightly colored threads Sara decided to use to sew the pieces of leather into a sensational garment add charm, as well as funkiness to the various pieces she created. Having just finished her internship, we hope that Sara is just as excited as we are to see her creations be put on our boutique’s floor (at both locations!) !

Here are exclusive images of the beautiful pieces on none other than the creator herself, the wonderful Sara!


Our POP Diary

Citizen Vintage

The Citizen team took on POP's Sweet 16 this past Wednesday to Sunday.

We thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite moments from the festival! 

We present to you... Our POP Diary.



Kali Uchis // 

Several members of the CV team went to see this show. Chloe even got to meet Kali backstage after the show (we were told some selfies were involved ;).   Photo via @chlosed



Jessy Lanza // 

Late night at Piccolo, this show had the entire Rialto buzzing. Everyone in the audience was having the best time, dancing wild and carefree in what little space they had. Jessy Lanza owned the stage as a solo performer, grooving with an amazing amount of energy. She had abstract video's projected behind her, and a captivating light show. Sadly we didn't get any pictures... We were way too busy dancing!



John Maus // 

This show was FUN. The lighting was imaginative, with two colours at a time. Purple and red being my fave duo. John Maus has quite the stage presence... punching himself in the head being a reoccurring move, alongside lots of jumping. Wish they played some more of my faves, but overall the music was great live and the vibe was fun!



Weyes Blood  //

*excuse my extremely poor quality images but Natalie of Weyes Blood had the best outfit and hair,.. I had to document*

Her voice was angelic and she was very poised. Natalie wore a mint, silky blazer over-top of an off-white, button down collared shirt. Her pants matched the silk blazer. The band played a solid selection of songs, a majority of which left parts of the crowd quite mesmerized. Loved the faux candelabras for the spooky vibe, can't wait until I can see Weyes Blood the next time they're on tour.

ArtPOP // 

ArtPOP had collections up at two venues all weekend, displaying the works various visual and performance artists. One of the works that we really enjoyed was that of Jay "J-Berd" Keating. He came to POP both to perform and to show his art, and although we didn't catch his set, we enjoyed the musicality and dynamism in his painting.  



Jay Som // 

Jay Som left us breathless. Melina's vocals were hauntingly beautiful, and when mixed with the complexity and energy of the instrumentals, the effect was breathtaking. We could have watched them perform all weekend... what a way to end the festival!


Thank you for checking out Our POP Diary <3

Looking forward to another great POP festival in 2018!

STREET SALE! $5 $10 $15!

Citizen Vintage


Citizen Vintage Plateau is in full swing of our street sale!

 Happy first week of school everyone! As part of getting ready for the fall season, Citizen Vintage is participating in the Saint Laurent September Street Fair this weekend. The event will be going on from 11am-9pm every day from September 7-10, you can’t miss it!

We will have $5, $10, and $15 racks at our Plateau location all weekend, make sure you stop by! We have men's items, women's items, and everything from shoes to belts, accessories, and bags. We had way too much fun creating looks to share with you as we prepared the sale items last week. There are so many great pieces, but here are a few of our favourites...

All Denim Look?

We got you covered.

Amazing hot pink fuchsia pieces


A classic trench and some incredible flared pants


Silky green slip dress and an equally silky black robe

Thanks for checking out our street sale looks,

we hope to see you and your friends at the sale!!

                                              -The CV Team

Meet De L'Ile! Our Plateau Artist of the Month.

Citizen Vintage

How and why did you decide to create De L’Ile?

We met during a school trip to Germany as part of our bachelor's degree in Environmental Design. We quickly became friends by dint of sleeping side by side in the living room of our apartment in Berlin; Judith slept on a swimming pool inflatable mattress while Marilyne, a little more princess-like, slept on the couch. We realized that we weren’t only accomplices in friendship but that we were also alike on the creative level! We did not want to lose that when our bachelor’s degree was finished, so we decided that we had to work together on a project that was specific to us. At the same time, we began to embroider for pleasure and for our friends, and by seeing their interest; we thought that this would be our project! Finally, we embarked, a little naively, in this entrepreneurial adventure with the aim of creating, having fun and learning, hand in hand!

Photos via @de_lile

How did you come up with the name De L’Ile?

It is the story of a long obstinacy; we wanted something that was not cheesy, quite timeless, almost exotic, then “De l’Ile” is the only proposal of name that suited almost everything haha. Same story for the logo and in the end we love it!

Which concerts are you most excited to see at POP this year?

We listened to Avec pas d’casque while preparing our display, thinking about how genius it is. It is super simple, but hyper reflected and rich at the same time. We almost had a tear in our eyes. So we cannot wait to go cry at their concert :)

Which celebrity would you love to dress?

We’ve been fantasizing about dressing Pierre Lapointe for a long time. We love his very elegant eccentricity!

De L'Ile X POP Montreal

Installation at our Plateau shop!

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

From everyday life, as simple as that. We are also very nostalgic, and we often draw inspiration from our childhood and adolescence’s memories, so no need to tell you that we were really excited about  Pop Montreal’s Sweet Sixteen theme this year!

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Forever listening to Daniel Bélanger.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

We think teleportation would really do us no harm!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.29.50 AM.png

Wear your bathing suit all day. Seriously

Citizen Vintage

If you think your bathing suit is strictly for days at the pool, you're wrong. Why not incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. We put together some looks from the shop that are sure to inspire you to take your beach wear out for the whole day. 

Look #1


Look #2


Look #3


A brand you need to know: I S O L D E

Citizen Vintage

You need to stop by the Plateau shop and come check out the super cool Isolde bags and clothing by Hannah Isolde Goodman. Fun colors and prints will definitely have you saying "I want". 

Off the shoulder crop top in white

Off the shoulder crop top in white

Bucket Backpacks

Bucket Backpacks

Off shoulder gingham print cropped top

Off shoulder gingham print cropped top

Meet Diane

Citizen Vintage

NAME: Diane Kim-Lim

SIGN: Scorpio

JOB TITLE: Store Manager

CITY YOU WERE BORN IN: Aubervilliers, France


Diane has recently joined the CV team as the manager of both shops. She has gained her experience through her studies at Lasalle College in fashion marketing. As well as through her time spent working on fashion editorial shoots and wholesale agencies. Her most recent career venture was a four year stint with Frank and Oak. 

She's a great asset to the Citizen family and couldn't be happier to have her on board with us :)

Modeling our Citizen Vintage jumpsuit!

Modeling our Citizen Vintage jumpsuit!


We asked Diane a few fun questions...


1.     WHY DO YOU LIKE SHOPPING VINTAGE CLOTHING? I love mixing vintage clothing with something new. A lot of my first vintage pieces were my mother’s from when she travelled the world, and it really made me feel more connected to her and to different cultures when I was growing up.

2.     CATS OR DOGS?  Sadly neither, I’m allergic to everything cute and fluffy :(

3.     WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE SPICE GIRL? Posh Spice and Sporty Spice.

4.     DENIM OR LEATHER? Denim! I’m obsessed with unconventional denim clothing these days. Love the American brand and Oak + Fort.

5.      IF YOU COULD HAVE THREE FAMOUS PEOPLE AT YOUR DINNER PARTY, WHO WOULD THEY BE? Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton. I feel like all three of them are super chill and will give me great life advice

Just casually hanging out in head to toe CV vintage goodies

Just casually hanging out in head to toe CV vintage goodies

Spilt Milk + Opening Party = Fun Times!

Citizen Vintage

Citizen Vintage has just opened a second store in the Plateau (yayyyyyyy!!!) 

Come celebrate this momentous occasion at our opening party on Thursday June 22nd! We will also be unveiling our newest collaboration with SpiltMilk MTL

We have a few fun surprises up our sleeves that we'll be revealing in the coming weeks! 

Alice Zhang, the artist behind SpiltMilk MTL is a Montreal based illustrator/ graphic designer who would like to pretend she is a #badassbitch when in reality she may be better defined as #basic? Lastly, she is not ashamed to admit that she frequently hosts solo dance parties to horrible 90's music (more specifically SClub7).