Ariane Fairlie, Our Spring Mile End Artist

1) Can you describe your work/style in 1-2 sentences?

I make primarily paintings, drawings, and prints, but I love to experiment with all kinds of media. I’m concerned with emotion, and the body’s ability to convey emotion. I’m mostly interested with women/feminine bodies, because they’re what I most closely identify with, and I love to explore feelings of desire, loneliness, tenderness, seduction, and despair (among others).


2) What, or Who, are your biggest influences?

I love Sascha Braunig, Maria Lassnig, Lisa Yuskavage, and Dasha Shishkin. They all influence the work I’m making right now. I recently started the Jeunes Volontaire grant program, and Janet Werner has been mentoring me, which has really influenced my practice.


3) Can you describe the process of making your work?

I’m trying to work a lot more intuitively, so my process has changed a lot in the last 6 months. I’m constantly looking at images, on Instagram, through research, taking photos (I love to walk), just collecting as much as I can anything that speaks to me. Then I paint/draw/collage whatever picture I have in my head, which is drawn from that collection of images. Sometimes I create drawing or paintings straight from my imagination, which are mostly bodies, but I have to feed my brain to have those drawings flow naturally. So my practice is mostly about collecting!



4) If you could meet 1 artist (dead or living), who would it be, and why?

Just one?? Shary Boyle. I think you can imagine what type of personality an artist has through their art, cause you can kind of imagine what type of practice it would take to make art like that. Her work is so fantastic and surreal, and it all makes sense together so beautifully, but there’s really a lot of variation and experimentation, and also technical skill. I think she’s the full package. I was so inspired by an interview of hers I read in Border Crossings, I reached out to her for a studio visit, and she agreed! So she’s generous, too. I haven’t arranged it yet, but I’m hoping to make it happen in the Spring. Also, Dana Schutz as a second pick. She just seems like a f*ing badass, and I’ve heard she’s really kind.


5) Can you describe your favourite vintage piece?

I have a very cute little yellow silk sleeveless blouse. I can’t wait until warm weather to wear it ☀️


Be sure to stop by our Mile End shop to see Ariane's window installation and her selection of large and small prints. See more of her work on Instagram.

Catch Our Accessories Vibe

Vintage white leather boots, Vintage beige leather clutch, Bilak Jewelry handmade silver *Wink earrings.
Vintage belt, Vintage earrings, Blank sunglasses, Vintage white clutch
Vintage Guess patent heels, Blank sunglasses, Sofia Simon white fringe earrings.
Blank sunglasses, Vintage white belts, Editorial Magazine tote, Marmod8 handmade silver rings.
CV Handmade red choker, Vintage earrings (X2), Blank sunglasses, CV Handmade red pants.

Citizen sets

Introducing the Citizen Vintage handmade canvas tracksuits. Our handmade line creates innovative, flattering designs out of dead-stock material and are therefore only available while supply lasts. The new canvas windbreakers and sailor pants come in an array of colours and sizes, are unisex, and made for everyone. We had fun taking them out on the town, and are all in love. The hardest part is deciding what colours to add to your wardrobe... mixing and matching is too much fun!

Our canvas windbreakers come in one size that flatters all. The quarter-zip and drawstrings on the hood and waist allow for an adjustable fit depending on your styling for the day. As seen here, they look amazing paired with their sailor pant counterpart, while also complimenting jeans, trousers and skirts from your closet. While heavy enough to maintain shape and keep you protected from unpredictable weather, the canvas is lightweight and perfect for spring. The windbreaker is available at both locations in mustard, orange, red, navy, and white.

The canvas sailor pants are perfectly high-waisted, and have a half elastic waistband which allows for an incredibly comfortable fit. The pant legs are slightly flared, and large pockets frame the simplistic waist line. Find sizes XS through L at both our locations. As seen here, the sailor pants are available in white, red, navy, royal blue, and orange. Seriously, they are the spring pants we have all been searching for. 

Models: Chloé Caristan & Jolen Maclean

Location: Buanderie Progrès Hygiénique Inc.

Photo and Styling: Leah-Beth Gold


Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day...

Hello CV friends! It's February 14th again... Which is an exciting date for some and a bothersome one for others. Us at CV all enjoy a solid self-care, self-love day. We put together some of our favourite movies, activities, and a <3-themed playlist to inspire how you spend your day this year. 


  • Frances Ha!

  • Her

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Night on Earth

  • Ladybird



  • Bowling! The Rose Bowl is a great spot to go bowling with friends and/or loved ones. They also have slushies, fries and a full bar.
  • Treat Yo Self... to a bubble bath and face mask. Maybe order-in some dinner too?
  • Cocktails! We love Kabinet, Bar Henrietta and Bar Suzanne (which also has dumplings) :)
  • Purchase matching Celine tees for you and your Valentine here!



Happy Groundhog Day

It's February 2nd, 2018 and one time each year we find out if Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil (the most famous of the Groundhogs) will come out and see his shadow, indicating 6 more weeks of winter. Or, if he does not see his shadow this means Spring will arrive early!

Although Punxsutawney Phil can't truly predict the weather, we picked out some items you can add to your current Winter wardrobe... and some to start adding to your closet for Spring!


Sadly, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today...

Good News: We have 30-50% OFF selected vintage pieces for Winter at both shops :)

 Screen-capture from  Groundhog Day  (1993).

Screen-capture from Groundhog Day (1993).

Sweat It Out

Sweatpants à la Citizen Vintage: A Series. 

Dress it up or down with our handmade Citizen "Becky" crewnecks, -new in- deadstock sweatpants and selected vintage and accessories. These looks can guarantee a Netflix binge sesh and late night cocktails... you're welcome ;-)

Model: Victoria D'Alessandro

Photo + Styling: Leah-Beth Gold + Chloé Caristan


Heather grey Becky crewneck

ONCE AGAIN denim shirt

Deadstock sweats

Vintage denim boots


Deadstock sweats

Vintage accessories

Canadian made woolies


Canary Becky crewneck

Vintage dress + fannypack


Deadstock sweats

Vintage sweater + accessories

Disquiet Muse, Our Winter Artist at the plateau

Meet Disquiet Muse, the artist of the month at our Plateau boutique...

1. Who/What inspired you to create the illustrations for your Citizen collab?

These past couple of months have taught me a lot about mental health and the importance of self-care, so I wanted illustrate what I’ve learned, but with a bit of a wintry twist.


2. Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I’m from Palestine, but I was born and raised in Kuwait until the age of 17, which is when I decided to basically uproot my life and move to Montreal. There are a lot of events that led up to my move to Montreal, but I essentially wanted to go to school here and build a new home for myself. Although there was a good year of homesickness and isolation, I can happily say that Montreal is now my new home.

3. Favourite medium to work in?

I’m still trying to figure that out for myself, but for now, I really don’t have a favourite or preferred medium. I think it really depends on the project, its concept, scale and the aesthetic I’m going for. So, if I wanted the colours to look flatter or more muted than usual, I would go for markers or watercolours, but if I’m working on something more expressive or gestural—something that can take a couple of layers of pent up emotion—then I’d for sure prefer oil painting! It’s all relative.


4. Favourite musician right now?

Alvvays! Their latest album has gotten me through some tough times this year, I’ve also recently seen them play at Club Soda, which was all really amazing and memorable.


5. Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

Oh yeah, I definitely enjoy shopping vintage and thrifting. My style in three words: Comfortable, lazy and chunky.


6. One of the main themes in your work is 'self-care/love' - (which has inspired the theme of our upcoming Zine!) do you have any words to share on self-care to inspire our Citizen community?

I think for a long time I neither understood nor acknowledged the importance of taking a couple of minutes of everyday to just engage in an act of self-care. It can be anything you want: a bubble bath, an extra-long hug, booking an appointment with your therapist, or maybe you’ve had a bit of a rough week and need to let out a good cry—if it’ll make you feel better, do it. It’s important to remember that putting your needs and taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, rather it’s necessary, it’s good and it’s ok. You’re human and you need to give yourself  just as much love and care as you give the people in your life.


7. Favourite method of self-care/love?

Sometimes the bustle of life can keep me away from a moment of self-care, but when it doesn’t, I try my best to take an hour out of each day to just doodle something in my sketchbook.



Get to know Niti, our Mile End artist for this winter...


1. Who/What inspired you to create the illustrations for your Citizen collab?

The theme STAY GOLD inspired the illustrations. It was inspired by the importance to be aware of your worth and be proud of it.


2. Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I'm a Quebecer, born and raised in Montreal. My parents are originally from Cameroon and Haïti.

3. Favourite medium to work in?

Pencil and paper! But I mostly do digital art on my computer with my graphic tablet.


4. Favourite musician right now? 

Definitely Anderson Paak, he's amazing.

5. Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

I do! But I don't shop a lot. My style is simple, but unapologetically represents me and my art.


6. One of the main themes in your work is 'self-care/love' - (which has inspired the theme of our upcoming Zine!) do you have any words to share on self-care to inspire our Citizen community?

We stand proud and united. Strengthened by the beauty of our souls. It's not a matter of colour. We are sisters. Inside we are gold. Together we are bold. We care about what matters the most. Self love matters.


7. Favourite method of self-care/love?

Meditation, prayer, visualization. 

Be sure to stop by our Mile End shop to check out Niti's amazing window installation and all of her great merch!